Tips for the First Time you Shave Your Moustache

These tips will help you shave your moustache safely

Having a bad looking mustache sucks, especially when you are young and don't have enough facial hair density to look decent!

In these cases, it is better to shave your mustache away and simply forget about it.  But how do you do it? This seems to be a common question among young men, so let me share with ShavingPro.​net best tips that will help you go mustache-free without irritation or cuts.

  • TIP 1: Take a hot shower before you shave.  I repeat this advice in many of my articles because I think it is essential to get a comfortable shave.  You can also use hot water or a hot towel before shaving, ​or even better use a hot lather machine if you want to avoid bathing for some reason. If you plan on shaving in the shower, be sure to prepare a fogless mirror.
  • TIP 2: If you have a thick mustache use a shaving cream and avoid foams.  The more hair you have on your mustache, the easier it is to end up with nicks and cuts.  And don’t simply slap the cream on the area, massage it and let the formula soften the facial hair.  Just a minute of rubbing will save you the trouble of dealing with skin issues.
  • TIP 3:  Use a non-alcohol moisturizer on the area after finishing shaving.  Did you know that each passing of the razor takes away the natural moisture of your skin? It’s our job to restore it with a facial moisturizer.  Facial moisturizers for women will work, but you might want to try one specifically for men.
  • TIP 4: Don’t press the razor too much.  Doing it will only bring you problems especially in that sensitive area of your face.  There’s no need to press more than necessary. It won’t give you a close shave.
  • TIP 5: Avoid shaving against the grain.  Skin care specialists advise against this practice because it can lead to razor bump and ingrown hair.  Just go with the direction your mustache grows.  This is in both directions starting from the middle. It is a crucial step especially for black men since hair can easily grow back into the skin if you shave too closely.
  • TIP 6:  Take it easy! In other words, don’t rush.  If you don’t have enough time to shave without speeding up better leave it for later.  The first time you shave your mustache you have to do it right or else, you’ll reinforce bad technique.

That’s it! These ShavingPro tips should help you shave away that nasty mustache in no time! If you end up with redness or irritation or redness after your shaving session.