Taylor of Old Bond Street Almond Shaving Cream Review

Taylor of Old Bond Street is an UK-based company with years of experience making high quality shaving products. In this article, I will review their Almond Shaving Cream, a product that I got the chance of trying out thanks to my good friend Vic, who told me this was the best shaving cream he had tried so far.

Taylor of old Bond Street products have all that classic look of old barbershop products, I really like their design because it is simple, very different from the “flashy” products we see everywhere on supermarkets, all trying to win your attention. This particular shaving cream comes in a white wide plastic container, with the logo and product description in blue.

This is a shaving cream that is best applied with the help of a shaving brush, although I didn’t have any issues using just my fingers.  With just a small amount of cream and warm water, you can create a rich, thick lather that covers your face uniformly.

This cream has a nice almond smell, although it is not a 100% “natural scent”.  At first you might feel it is a bit strong, but the scent remains very subtle – and pleasurable – after you shave and rinse.

Once you’ve applied the shave cream, wait for 30 seconds to one minute, and your beard will be as soft as it can get, ready to be shaven away by your preferred razor. I have slightly thick hair and sensitive skin, and this cream helped me shave without irritation or hair pulling. The rich lather helps the razor glide easily over the skin without clogging it (if you happen to be using a normal razor) and the shave is super close.   I was actually impressed how close I could shave without damaging my skin.

The TOBS Almond Shaving Cream costs around $16 which is a great price considering this is an excellent product, much better than the cans you can find on your supermarket, and it lasts for a long time.  It’s been more than three months since I’ve started using it and I still have more.  High quality shaving products like this can seem to be expensive but they actually last more than cheaper products!

I recommend this shaving cream for men who love the scent of almond and like to experience a super close shave without damaging your skin.