homemade shaving cream ingredients

Homemade Shaving Cream for Men: Is it Worth the Trouble?

If you ever feel like going frugal, a great way to save money is making some homemade shaving cream. We searched for the easiest homemade shaving cream for men recipe and also tried out the result to see how well a homemade shaving cream performs compared to store bought shaving products….

Proraso shaving cream review

Proraso Shaving Cream Review: A Pure Italian Experience

Working in the field of grooming and shaving, one gets to hear about many of the popular shaving creams in the market.  One of the names that keep popping up online in discussions about the best shave cream is Proraso. Proraso is an Italian company that has been producing their…

face skin care shaving cream

Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream Review

The “Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream” is a product by a relatively new company called “Face Skin Care”.  I recently had the chance of trying out this cream, which has been especially formulated for men with sensitive and/or dry skin. It’s meant to help avoiding common problems such as razor burn,…

billy jealousy hydroplane

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super-Slick Shave Cream Review

To get a good shave we need a good shaving cream.  Here we’ll review the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super-Slick shaving cream, a premium product that not only has a big name but also helps you get an ultra-comfortable shave. This cream won the Best Shave Cream award of Esquire’s 2007…

bold for men review

Bold for Men Dry Shave Gel Review

Bold for Men Dry Shave Gel is an amazing shave gel that I got the chance of trying out some months ago; if you are accustomed to white and foamy shaving creams, you are in for a big surprise!The first thing that strikes you when using this gel is that…

talyor bond almond review

Taylor of Old Bond Street Almond Shaving Cream Review

Taylor of Old Bond Street is an UK-based company with years of experience making high quality shaving products. In this article, I will review their Almond Shaving Cream, a product that I got the chance of trying out thanks to my good friend Vic, who told me this was the…