What Is the Best Shaving Cream Warmer / Dispenser?

shaving cream warmer dispenser

Using a shaving cream warmer (also known as a hot lather machine) can help you improve your shaving experience and enjoy a much more comfortable shave by heating up your shaving cream, foam or gel at the right temperature to ease the work of the razor blade. Thanks to these machines you can reap the benefits of a hot shave at home, with complete safety and without ruining your shaving cream or gel.

The Benefits of Using a Hot Lather Machine

Hot lather machines heat up shaving cream or shaving gel at the right temperature to help you cut away facial hair with fewer accidents. They make the task of shaving a little bit easier and pleasurable, especially during the cold months of the year!

Once the shaving cream has achieved the right temperature, the machine will keep it warm for as long as you continue applying it.

The main benefit of using a tool like this one is that it helps open up the pores and softening whiskers, so your beard comes off easier when you pass the razor, reducing irritation, tugging and pulling hair when you shave. It gives you the benefits of shaving after a hot shower but faster.

Warmers are designed to work with shaving cream and shaving gel cans. They work with a system that makes them compatible with all standard-size cans, although now you can also find models designed to fit bigger cans in the market.

Our Shaving Cream Warmer Picks

These days you can find a great variety of hot lather machines int he market. From the ones that can be used for foam or gel exclusively, to machines that can fit both types of products at the same time.

We’ve tested the best selling shaving cream warmers for men, and these are the ones we recommend because they work good, fast and have a good price!

1. Conair Shaving Cream Warmer HGL1
The HGL1 works with both shaving creams and gel to give a smooth shaving experience. It is compatible with all shaving gel cans. The heating settings can be easily adjusted, so if it is too hot, you simply use the next lower setting.

Some men don’t like the fact that this warmer has six controls, but I think it’s a great feature to ensure the maximum level of comfort; after all, you are just going to adjust it once or twice, and then leave on the settings.

2. Conair HLM10 Hot Lather Machine
The Conair HLM10 is one of the highest-rated warmers out there. It is able to put our shaving cream at the right temperature at only a minute, retaining the heat as long as you leave it on.

It works with all standard size bottles you can find in supermarkets and it is surprisingly durable! I’ve been using one of these for five years in a row and I’ve never had a problem with it. It comes with a detailed and easy-to-follow guide that will help you get the most out of it.

The only drawback is that you can’t use it with shaving gels. But if you don’t use them it is an excellent alternative.

EXTRA PICK: Lather King Shaving Cream Warmer

If you want to go full pro with your shaving session, you can try using the Lather King Hot Latherizer Machine. This warmer is more expensive than smaller machines, but it works much better too! That’s why it is recommended for barber shops and men who are serious about their shaving experience.

The machine is fully protected against rust and corrosion. It works with a special liquid soap and distilled water. It is perfect for barber shops accustomed to taking care of several shaves a day. If you are planning to use it a home, make sure you clean it regularly to avoid clogging issues.

How to Use It?

Using a shaving cream warmer is actually very easy, these machines come with a tool to take the top off a standard shaving cream or gel can.

Pop the top of the can off and introduce the can into the warmer, close the lid and enter your desired heating settings. In about 1 or 2 minutes, depending on the warmer model you will have the cream or gel ready to be applied on the skin.

When you’ve finished with the can, you simply take it off and replace it with another following the same procedure.

Additional Tips

  • Remember to shake your can of shaving cream before putting it on a dispenser. This is something that the dispenser will not do for you. A lot of issues regarding shaving creams stem from not shaking the can before use.
  • Experiment with the heating settings. You can read many recommendations online, but the right amount of heat will vary from person to person.
  • Keep your eye on the light. These machines have light indicators that let you know when the cream has reached the desired temperature.
  • Do not overlook safety features of a hot lather machine. The outside of the unit should not get too hot or else it will be dangerous to manipulate. look for units with auto shut-off, which will turn on the machine as long as the cream is cool.
  • If you need a shaving cream warmer for a barbershop, you might want to look for bigger machines, which are capable of heating several times a day without overheating.

Where Can I Buy One?

The shaving cream warmers we’ve recommended here can be found on Amazon, which is a good alternative if you have free shipping, as these machines enjoy huge discounts. Popular models become unavailable from time to time though, in which case is a good idea to look for one in the beauty appliances section of your favorite department store. Remember to choose products that have a guarantee, so you can replace them in case they malfunction.