Proraso Shaving Cream Review: A Pure Italian Experience

Working in the field of men skin care and shaving, one gets to hear about many of the popular shaving creams in the market.  One of the names that keep popping up online in discussions about the best shave cream is Proraso.

Proraso is an Italian company that has been producing their own cream since 1948. I spent some time away in South America, so I couldn’t find it here, but recently I had the chance of buying the Proraso Eucalyptus & Menthol* back in the US and I’ve tested over the past week.  This is a great shaving cream that I had the pleasure of testing with my brand new Art of Shaving brush.  Here are my impressions:

Opening the Package

Proraso comes in big tube, so you have to squeeze it to get the cream.  I find this to be more convenient than shaving creams which comes in bowls.  It helps you get just the right amount of cream you need without messing with the rest.

Online, it may look like a small tube, but once you get it in your hands you realize how big it is.  The picture above can give you an idea of its size. It contains 150 ml of cream inside, which may last you at least a month if not a couple (especially if you don’t have the habit of shaving every day).

Something to read! ...If you happen to speak Italian.

Something to read! …If you happen to speak Italian.

Shaving With Proraso

This cream has just the right consistency, and quickly lathers up with the help of warm water and a shaving brush.  It also works great lathering up without a shaving brush, but go get one if you can, with just a bit of cream you will have more than enough to cover your beard.

One thing that I love about this cream is the scent.  I have tried many creams that have plastic smell to them, but this isn’t the case with Proraso.  The scent comes from the eucalyptus oil and menthol in the formula. According to the package, the oil serves to tone and purify your skin, while the menthol helps refreshing and vitalizing the skin.  Is this true?  It seems so.  My skin feels very nice after shaving!

Once you lather it up, Proraso spreads nicely across your face, and you can feel instantly the menthol on your skin.  From there it’s shaving time!

I have loved my shaving sessions with Proraso.  The first time I used it I had a thick beard, so I trimmed it a bit and the shaving cream did the rest.  It felt as I was only passing the razor with soap, and I have to thank for this the job Proraso did softening my facial hair. Unlike other creams that only serve as “gliding” agent, Proraso softens your whiskers and makes shaving a hassle-free experience. Of all the times I’ve shaved with this shave cream I’ve never ended up with a cut, even in the chin area, which always gives me trouble.

After Your Shave

Once you finish shaving and rinsing your face, you’ll notice it remains smooth and sting-free.  I’ve never used an after shave following my shaving session with Proraso, because you don’t really feel like you need one. What’s better, your skin remains refreshed and revitalized for a few hours. I have yet to try a cream that brings this lasting sensation.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes.  Although we don’t give scores here at  This could easily have 9, 10 points, and now I understand why it is always present in the lists and discussions for best shaving cream. It may cost you a bit more than other shaving gels and foams, but at $7.59 is still a great price, much lower than the price of “luxury” shaving creams that at best give you the same results.

Have you tried Proraso shaving cream? If so, what are your impressions? we would love to hear about your experiences with this shaving cream.

*Proraso is also available with Sandalwood fragrance.