How to Lather Up Shaving Cream with a Brush

Learning to lather up shaving cream is very important to make the most out of your shaving cream.  It helps making the cream easier to spread across your face and neck without clogging your razor and making your shaving session more difficult.

Here are some ways to make a good shaving lather.

Method #1: Using Your Hands

Let’s take a look at how you can lather shave cream by hand. I prefer this method as I get immediate feedback when lathering.

STEP 1 – Thoroughly wash your brush and then shake excess water. You just want it to be damp.

STEP 2 – Place an almond-sized amount of cream on the palm of your hand. Begin lathering the palm of your hand by using painterly and swirling motions back and forth. Keep doing this for some seconds while building up lather.  If the cream seems to be bit too dry, simply add water by running the brush underneath the faucet once and continue the process.

Cup the palm a little bit, as I run the brush back and forth. This helps to gather the water and cream. You can also use a pumping motion by pressing the brush into your palm up and down once or twice. This will incorporate air and help to build a light and fluffy foam.

STEP 3 – Draw the well-hydrated cream out of the center of the brush by running the bristles through your thumb and fingers.

A good lather should resemble cool whip. Now you should have plenty of lather to put onto the brush for multiple passes. You can now wash your hands and pat them dry with a towel.

Method #2: Using a Bowl

STEP 1 – Rinse your shaving bowl using warm water. Then apply an almond-sized amount of your shaving cream and put it on the bowl.

STEP 2 – Thoroughly wet or soak your brush and shake excess water. Then begin building the lather inside the bowl using a swirling motion. To incorporate air pump the brush a couple of times and then continue swirling for several seconds, building up the lather.

Add more water if the cream gets dry, then continue swirling and pumping. See how the lather starts building faster.

STEP 3 – Using your fingers in an OK posture, take out the lather off the brush and put it on the bowl.  If you have some of it on your hands you can scrape it with the bowl.