Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream Review

The “Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream” is a product by a relatively new company called “Face Skin Care”.  I recently had the chance of trying out this cream, which has been especially formulated for men with sensitive and/or dry skin. It’s meant to help avoiding common problems such as razor burn, cuts, irritation and redness. How good it fares? Read on to find the answer!

This shaving cream comes in a plastic tube, so you only have to squeeze it to get the right amount of cream.  You put a small amount on your fingers and start rubbing it on damp skin until lather is built. Just a small amount of it goes a long way, letting you shave easily without the need of applying more cream.

Compared to other creams, this one is thick and feels like a paste when you squeeze it out of the tube, but it’s quickly turned into lather once you start applying it.

The UC Shave Cream has a nice, light, minty scent that is very enjoyable while you are shaving, and that fades away minutes after your session is over.

The formula is very interesting, containing a lot of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, calendula, Shea oil, oatmeal extract, eucalyptus leaf oil and linden flower extract. I haven’t had any of the problems that comes after using products that rely too much on chemicals, which is always a good sign of a quality product, and becomes especially important when talking about sensitive skin.

This cream does not leave a big white beard of foam like the cheap creams you find on supermarkets; instead, it just creates enough lather to cover your face, which in my opinion brings a much comfortable shaving experience.

To take full advantage of it, massage your face using the cream for about a minute or so, until your facial hair is softened. After that you will feel facial hair coming off easy, without pulling and minimizing the chances of ending up with nicks and cuts.

After a month of using this product I can safely say that it does a great job protecting sensitive skin from the adverse effects of regular shaving – even on those days when you don’t have the time to properly shave!

The price is great too; at $15.99, it costs less than other big-name products that bring similar results.  Thumbs up for the “Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream”!