Clinique for Men Exfoliating Toner Review: Make Your Skin Feel Fresh

Clinique tonic for men

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the second step of the Clinique’s facial skin care kit.  We’ve already reviewed their face wash, and we were pretty impressed with the results (in case you want to read about it, you can find it here).  The second step involves using Clinique’s exfoliating tonic.

This exfoliating toner will remove the dead cells and dirt particles that the cleaning process leaves.  Many men fail to use a toner on a daily basis, keeping themselves away from its benefits, especially when it comes to oily or acne-prone skin. It’s also good to add to your shaving regime too!

The tonic comes in a small bottle, but don’t think you are overpaying too much for it because this little bottle lasts many uses. As you will see, the amount of tonic lotion you need is minimal, especially compared to other skin care products.

Like all Clinique products, it comes in a black bottle, which always looks manly and cool in your bathroom.

The toner is liquid, and it has a scent of alcohol, but don’t worry it will quickly fade away by the time you get to use your moisturizer.

Applying the toner

Applying Clinique toner is very easy, you’ll only need a cotton ball to start using it.  First, finish cleansing your face and gently pat dry your skin.  Then grab the cotton ball and wet it with the toner, just like you would wet a cotton ball with alcohol – not too little, not too much.  Soaking the entire cotton ball is not needed.

Now you need to swipe the cotton ball across your face, from top to bottom very gently in one motion.  The cotton acts as a scrub, and along with the lotion, you will swipe away all the dead cells and excess dirt on your skin.  It works particularly well, especially in the T area.  I’ve washed thoroughly with the face wash, but still, the cotton ball ends up with blackheads and dirt.

The result is that you’ll feel your skin clean and breathable again.  The effects are more noticeable with continued use since this is a product for daily use. According to the label, this tonic is suitable for normal to dry skin.  If you have excessive oil problems, then you might want to opt for the “Oil Control Exfoliating Toner” also developed by Clinique.

Our Verdict

An exfoliating tonic is an often overlooked product in a men’s bathroom.  Most people don’t see why they should one of these, but the truth is that there are quality facial toners out there that will make you change the way you think.  This products is one of them, offering a perfect way to complement your cleansing efforts, helping your pores breathe again and bring a new glow to your skin.

What about the price? Some of you may say.  At $14 this product isn’t exactly cheap, but so far it has given me great results regarding how it looks and feels.  With that in mind, the price is fair, and it will probably last a month and a half of use or even two months if you only use it once a day.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes.  This tonic works fast, works good and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  What more could you ask for? But a toner alone is of not much help; it is just an extra step in our daily facial skin care regime which will contribute to keeping our skin in a great state!