Clinique for Men Face Wash Review

About a month ago I received an amazing gift: a set of Clinique for Men products.  The set includes a face wash, an exfoliation tonic, and a facial moisturizer.  As you can see, it is a basic skin care kit to start and end your day with, and for those who are just starting out with a skin care regimen. On the top of this post, there is a picture of the cool package I received!

I have been using the three of them regularly over the past weeks, so now I have a strong opinion about these products and what they can do to improve your skin.  I think they all work great together, giving you a refreshing way to start your day, with that “wake up” feeling all over your face. I want to divide the review of the kit in three parts, each one reviewing a product in detail, so, to begin, I will review the Clinique for Men Face Wash (or if you prefer to sound like a man who knows your stuff about skin care: nettoyant visage)

Applying The Face Wash

applying face wash

Clinique’s facial wash comes in a standard cream package, you just push a little and it comes out easily.  It has a consistency similar to that of liquid soap, but that’s about the only thing both product have in common! It’s a clear type of soap, here’s a picture of how it looks (squint your eyes and try to see it on my hand!).

One of the first things you notice about a facial product is that it has a mild scent of beauty products, which is something I really appreciate because it means no extra fragrance has been added to the formula, so the scent goes away quite quickly and you don’t have to “mask it” by wearing an extra dose of cologne.

To apply this wash, it is recommended that you first apply warm water on your skin.  This will open our pores and will help the wash react quickly on your skin, forming a rich lather that doesn’t need a lot of “soap”.  I have found out that a small amount of wash (about the size of a penny) is enough to cover your face and even your neck.  It doesn’t dry out  quickly if you use the right amount of water, letting you rub your skin gently for a deep cleanse.

Once you have applied and rubbed the wash, you are ready to rinse it off.  If you are just using a face wash this can be done with cool water to close your pores, but if you plan to follow Clinique’s basic skin care routine you are better off using warm water to then use the exfoliating tonic.  The lather comes out easily enough, leaving you skin feeling very refreshed.

Our Verdict

This is one of those facial products that really makes a difference in how your skin feels.  Right after you pat your face dry with a towel, you feel like your skin is actually breathing again! This can be a major difference that will help you kick- start your day during those hot months of the year when you are all sweaty and sticky after a good night’s sleep.

As an extra, I have to say that even though I tend to suffer from dry skin, this product hasn’t made my feel drier, quite the contrary actually.  Its formula cleans but doesn’t hurt your skin, leaving it prepared for exfoliation and moisturizing, the other two important steps on a basic skin care regime.

After trying it, we have decided to include it in our top face wash list. Although the price is a bit high (around $20 in most stores for a 200 mL bottle) it is certainly worth the price. Clinique is known for making superb quality products and it shows with this robust face wash.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes.  This is a great product for all types of skin, we at have talked with other men that say this wash is also great to keep acne at bay, because it wipes out excess oil without leaving the skin dry. If you don’t spend too much money on skin care products, the price may put you off, and that’s totally understandable! But if you want to invest in a good men’s facial wash, this is a great choice.  Try it, and don’t forget to write to us if you have an opinion about this face wash!