Best Shaving Products for Men 2018

top rated shaving productsThese are exciting times for men who love to shave.

Creams and disposable razors are just a part of what we have at our disposition for our “shaving ritual”. There are other great products as well, that will protect your face against dryness, recover your skin from razor bumps, protect it against cuts and more!

When it comes to shaving, using the right products will make a huge difference in both your results and comfort level.  In your everyday life, this means you’ll have far fewer problems with razor burn, irritation, cuts and ingrown hair. Here you will find reviews of the best men shaving products as well as tips to make the most out of your shaving experience!

Shaving Creams, Gels and Foams

These days you can find amazing shaving creams on the market, but choosing the best one is not as easy as it sounds.  What is the best alternative for you can be the worst one for another man because when we pick a product we need to keep into account our skin type.

Men with sensitive skin will have problems with shaving creams that contain certain chemical ingredients, so it is best to opt for a cream with natural ones. Using a shaving gel can also be a great alternative, provided it has been formulated for sensitive skin.

Shaving foams are commonly used by men, but the truth is that the quality of them is inferior to creams and gels, and doesn’t really provide good protection against irritation and redness.

Best Shaving Cream for Men 2018

best-shaving-creamA great shaving cream not only helps the razor glide easily over the skin; it also protects our skin and softens our beard, preparing it for a hassle-free shaving session.

To make the most out of a shaving cream, you have to let it work.  Apply the shaving cream and massage your beard for about a minute using wither your fingers or a shaving brush. The following creams are the best ones that will work for men with normal skin, they do an amazing job at keeping your face smooth and fresh every day.

Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin 2018

shave-sensitive-skinSensitive skin is more delicate than other skin types, so it’s prone to developing shaving issues, irritation being the most common one. It is also very sensitive to creams with harsh elements and excessive ingredients. Luckily, many companies now develop creams that protect the skin and soothe it.

Believe it or not, a great percentage of men have sensitive skin problems, caused in great part by the constant passing of the razor in our adult lives.

Best Shaving Cream for Black Men

shaving cream for black menBlack skin presents its own challenges when it comes to shaving, and that is due to the fact that black men have curly, thick facial hair.  This causes the hair to grow twisting back to the skin, penetrating it, and producing the infamous “razor bumps” and the pain it comes with them!

Minimizing ingrown hair problems is possible though by using a good shaving cream along with a good shaving technique.


#1 Barc Cutting Up Shave Cream

This is a superb shaving cream that does a great job at minimizing ingrown hair and razor bumps, it has been formulated with black skin in mind, so it can help you get a super close shave without the issues brought by conventional shaving creams. In great part, the success of this cream comes thanks to a powerful inflammatory in its formula, Boswellia Serrate Gum.

Best Shaving Soap for Men

Shaving soaps have been around for decades, but their popularity went down with the appearance of foams and canned creams, however, experts know that a shaving soap can be as effective as a high-quality cream – and they last way longer. These soaps can be used with your fingers, but they are better applied with the help of a brush.

There are two main benefits of using a soap: it cleans and prepare your skin for shaving, and it moisturizes it afterward. The soaps below give you a close shave and reduce irritation and damage.

Best Shaving Gel for Men

best-shave-gelShaving gels are an alternative to classic shaving creams.  Unlike creams, they are not applied with a shaving brush, instead, you use your fingers until foam gets formed. Gels are an excellent alternative for men with sensitive skin and they work great if you are using an electric razor.

Some gels in the market are clear and don’t “foam up” when you rub them against your skin, these gels are great if you want to accurately style your beard, or if you are considering shaving your head. Here are the best ones you can find so far.

Best Shaving Oils for Men

best facial oilUsing shaving oil is not so common, but it can be of great help to provide an extra layer of protection between the shaving cream and your skin, also allowing the razor to glide easily over your skin.

Modern oils can be used alone without the use of cream, allowing you to style your beard without the guesswork.They are formulated with a combination of oils that soothe and moisturize your skin.


Choosing a Shaving Razor

The type of razor you use directly affects the results you get from shaving (even the nasty ones such as cuts and bumps!), so it is essential to invest in a good alternative. There are different types of razors, and the choice of one will depend on your unique style.

The most popular are disposable and modern razors, the ones we can commonly find in a supermarket. They range from the very cheap ones to razors that have features such as battery-powered vibration which gently massages the skin.

The other types of razors are the “classic” ones, mainly the straight edge razor and the double-edge safety razor. There has been in recent years a resurgence of the classic tools of shaving; on one side they give you the closest shave possible, and on the other, they actually make shaving a very enjoyable experience. It feels “manlier” if you know what I mean!

Let’s not forget about electric razors also. These cool electric devices make shaving an easy task, but choosing the wrong one can bring more trouble than solutions! With so many features, shaving heads, and motors, it is easy to get confused, but here we will help you make a good decision.

Best Razor for Men

best razorA good razor will be essential to achieve a close shave without hurting your skin. The most popular types of razors are modern ones, commonly found in supermarkets and grooming stores. These types of razors are very easy to use and maintain. You can usually buy a bunch of blade replacements for the future and replace them when they start to lose their edge.

Having more blades doesn’t necessarily means that you will get a good shave. Some brands end up hurting your skin and others simply add bad quality blades. The ones that we have included in our list are easy to use and contain special features that make them safe to use.

Best Double-Edged Safety Razors for Men

top safety razorsSafety razors went out of style for a while, but their popularity has increased over the past few years with the new wave of classic shaving enthusiasts. These razors can last you for a lifetime, and you only need to replace the blades, which are double sided.

Although buying a quality safety razor can cost you more than buying a modern razor, it ends up being more affordable over time, given the low price of blade replacements. I personally love shaving with one of these razors, because it add a new dimension to the whole shaving experience. It requires to go over a bit of a learning curve though, so you need some practice.

Best Straight Edge Razor

best straight razorStraight edge razors are trickier to manipulate than safety razors, but that’s the most traditional way of shaving we can enjoy these days. These types of razors have been used for centuries by barbers and are arguably the razors that can give you the closest shave possible.

Important factors to consider when buying a straight edge razor are the steel’s quality, its width (it’s recommendable to opt for a blade that is not too wide), and type of blade point. They come in rounded or sharp points. Round points are usually better because they can’t produce nicks or cuts.

Best Safety Razor Blades

best safety razor bladesRazor blades used with safety razors can last a long time, but still, you have to replace them regularly to get a close and enjoyable shaving session.

Luckily, replacing double edge blades is very easy, and they are much more affordable than modern replacement heads used in modern razors! To give you an idea, a pack of 100 blades can cost the same as just 12 replacement cartridges of a Pro Fusion.

The following razor blades have been chosen because of their durability and quality. They have been produced following the highest standards and have just the right angle to cut the thickest hair.

 Safety Razor Shaving Kits

best safety razor kitsA safety razor kit comes with all the essential items that will allow you to get started with classic shaving.  They make also an excellent men’s gift and something that you can be sure they’ll use (probably the next morning!).

Today you can find a great variety of kits online, and it’s usually the place where you’ll find the best prices.

These razor kits excel in quality and they come with some pretty cool accessories.


#1 Merkur Safety Razor Kit – Includes a Merkur Safety Razor (#180), a 3 7/8″ chrome handle, 100% Pure Badger Shave Brush made in the UK, matching chrome stand, a 4″ polished chrome shave bowl and a Col Ichabod Conk Shave Soap.

#2 Simply Beautiful Shaving Gift Set – Includes a Merkur 180 razor, a Simply Beautiful 100% pure badger brush with chrome handle, a chrome safety razor a brush stand, and an Omega shaving soap in a bowl.

#3 Luxury Shaving Gift Set – Includes a Merkur classic safety razor, a 100% pure badger brush, a chrome brush stand, a Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood shaving cream bowl and a Proraso liquid cream aftershave

Best Electric Shaver for Men

best electric shaverElectric shavers have become one of the most popular tools for men’s grooming, letting you shave with ease and speed. But not any shaver will get the job done, you need to find one that gives you close results without irritating your skin.

Factors to keep in mind when looking for an electric razor machine are durability, quality, batteries, and ease of use. Below are our top picks for the year.

Best Shaving Brush for Men

A shaving brush is a perfect tool to build and spread lather across your face and neck. Once found in every man’s bathrooms, brushes became harder to find with the advent of canned shaving foams, but thanks to the Internet and a renewed interest in “classic shaving” you can easily pick a good one. Using a shaving brush automatically widens your selection of creams.

Besides helping you build and spread lather, a brush provides gentle exfoliation to your skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. Brushes vary in quality, depending on the air used for its manufacturing.

Below are the best brushes that have a balance between price and quality.

Best Shaving Mirror

best shaving mirrorA fogless shaving mirror is an essential item for those who prefer shaving in the shower. These mirrors retain their clarity when there’s vapor all around, and they usually come with a place where you can hold the razor easily, a shaving mirror it allows you to enjoy the benefits of shaving with hot steam or water: opening up the pores, reducing hair pulling and helping you get a closer shave.

The following picks are not only designed with quality materials but they are also easy to install, use and clean, which is pretty important in the long run.



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