What Is the Best Shaving Gel for Men?

Many men prefer using a shaving gel instead of a shaving cream, especially if they are using an electric shaver, but the truth is that you can use one no matter your personal shaving style. Gels come in different types, there are some that foam up once you rub it on your skin, while others are simply spread across your beard, covering it with a thin layer.

Below we’ll take a look at the best shaving gels in the market, and you’ll learn where you can get them at the best price.

#1 Bold for Men

bold for menThis is a unique type of gel in the sense that you don’t need any water to start shaving.  Just squeeze the tub, grab a small amount of gel and spread it across your face and neck.  It’s that simple! If you wait about 30 seconds it will soften your beard and it will come off very easily!

The gel is clear, so you can see everything underneath – perfect if you love styling your beard!

It works as a 3-1 product, covering the functions of a pre-shave, shave and after-shave cream.  The face feels smooth, hydrated and refreshed after each shave.

If you are looking for a shave gel to shave your head, this one really can’t be beaten.  Since it’s dry you don’t end up with cream and water all over your head.

The formula is alcohol-, fragrance- and paraben-free.


#2 Brave Soldier Shower Shave

brave soldier gelThis is a shaving gel that I got the chance of testing a couple of weeks ago, and I simply love using it. This is the perfect gel you can get if you are accustomed to shave in the shower. 

Contrary to some products that start to fall off your face with the vapor of hot water, this one stays on, letting you shave comfortably.

Brave Soldier provides a super close shave and helps you fight off irritation.  I have thick beard and sensitive skin, and this gel has helped me shave without redness.

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The dispenser helps you get just the right amount of gel in your hand, so you can be sure you won’t waste any of it. The formula provides excellent lubrication. The only downside is that it can’t be found so easily in stores, and even online it goes out of stock once in a while.


#3 Aveeno Shave Gel

aveeno shaving gelIf you are looking for a cheaper shaving gel, but one that ensures great protection, then Aveeno shave gel is a perfect choice.

This therapeutic shave gel helps avoiding razor bumps, providing a close shave without irritation. It is perfect for any type of skin, but if you have sensitive skin you’ll love it.

Although the label states that this gel has no fragrance, it does.  I smell a soft scent, but I like it so I really don’t mind, however if you want a truly fragrance-free gel this one may not be for you.

The natural oatmeal in the formula provides that extra lubrication that makes your razor glide easily over the skin, at the same time and in conjunction with other ingredients it hydrated the skin.