Are Razor Subscriptions the Future of Shaving?

Subscriptions have become a popular business model on the Web. Now instead of buying movies or music, millions of people prefer paying a monthly subscription for online access to them, just take a look at Netflix or Spotify and their big growth over the past few years.

But would a subscription service for shaving work? This is what some companies such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s are testing, and the results seem to be pretty good. With the increased costs of multiple-blade razors and their replacement cartridges, many men are looking for a subscription service that helps them lower their costs over the year.

Dollar Shave club was one of the companies that first started offering this subscription-based service. Although they started only with razors, their success has prompted them to include other products designed to solve men’s issues, and they have recently made their first steps into the hair care market with their product line called “Boogie’s”.

Now, this is a segment that is just starting out. Here’s a great article featured on in which we can learn how this niche market has grown. In the article we learn that Dollar Shave Club has already over 1.7 million members with an annual revenue of $120 million.

Is this the change the shaving market needed to get an even bigger boost? I think this is an important change, that may help those of us who simply can’t get organized to buy supplies ahead of time… and well, I already know how important it is to change your razor regularly and this way retain its perfect form.

Razor Subscription Plans

The Dollar Shave Club has currently three razor plans, and the prize changes with the type of razor you choose. The cheapest one is “The Humble Twin”, a simple dual-blade razor. For just a dollar a month, plus a couple more for shipping and handling yo get this razor every month and 5 cartridges. On the other side of the spectrum they have “The Executive” a big 6-blade razor with 4 cartridges per month for a total of $9 – shipping included.

On the other hand, Harry’s also offer different shaving plans that start at $3 per month. With them, you can control the frequency of delivery and also add other shaving products such as gels and after shave lotions. The plans here are more customized and built based on a quick questionnaire you have to go through when registering for a package.

All in all, it seems that razor subscriptions are here to stay. More services are popping up like for example Bevel, and I’m sure many more will appear in the next few months. These are good news for men like us who love to shave!