Get Rid of an Oily Face With These 6 Tips!

Wanting to get rid of oily face is no laughing matter. At least for the person having to deal with it!

I remember when I got my high school prom picture, the people, the sweat, and of course, the excessive shine on my face! Yes, it was bad, but I also learned over time that it is manageable once you learn a few tips.

Here I want to share these tips with you.  I know there are a lot of you out there who want to enjoy life fully again, without struggling to look good and I want to help you.  An oily face can also lead to acne problems if you don’t control it, so be sure to put these tips

An oily face can also lead to acne problems if you don’t control it, and excess oil can make shaving your face more difficult so be sure to put these tips in action.

1. Learn to Manage Anxiety and Stress

Researchers keep on finding proof that stress is one of the biggest problems of modern society, a problem that is at the root of many physical conditions and ailments – including the excessive production of oil.

As your body deals with stress, it produces cortisol, a hormone that causes higher levels of oil production from the sebaceous glands. Stress can lead not only to oily skin but also acne.  So, what to do? Take the time to relax throughout the day.  Meditation is a simple activity that can restore some peace of mind, but try other activities including games and sports.

2. Get Rid of Oily Face With a Skin Care Regime

One of the best ways to get rid of oily face and maintain it, is through a regular regime.  Much of the oil in your skin can be taken care of in the morning, just by following a very simple process: cleaning, toning and moisturizing.  Luckily, these days are many quality products aimed specifically at men.  Here`s what a skin care regime should look like:

Step 1: Clean Your Face.  Cleaning is the most basic step on a skin care regime.  Don’t use ordinary soap, they are scented and more suitable for the parts of your body that stink.  You need a face wash made for oily skin, which will not only clean your face but will also wipe off dead cells.  There are many great cleansers out there, just make sure it has a formula for oily skin. I clean my face right after waking up and before going to bed. Make sure you use warm water!

Step 2. Toning.  A toner is a must-have product for people with oily skin problems. Its main function is to make your skin smoother and with a “tighter” feeling. While doing this, it also close the pores, preventing the production of grease.

Step 3. Moisturizing.  Daily activities such as shaving and even the weather can end up sucking the natural moisture of our skin.  The body, feeling the skin dry, may prompt the production of oil to compensate, but this is not what we want and that’s why it is so important to moisturize the skin with a good cream or lotion. The more balanced your skin is, the less prone it will be to having problems.

3. Try Salt Spray

There are many homemade methods to remove excessive facial oil out there, but the one that worked for me best was to make my own salt spray.  You can do it too, it is very simple, just fill a spray bottle with water and mix in a teaspoon of salt. I recommend doing this a couples of times per day. Here’s a full recipe from Wellness Mama.

4. Use a Cool Moisturizer

And I mean literally “cool”.  You can store your face moisturizer in the fridge overnight, so it is very cool when you apply it.  Besides giving you the nice effects of the moisturizing ingredients, it will also help you tighten the skin and close open pores that may produce more oil.

This trick is especially useful in the summer, when we tend to sweat a lot!

5.  Use Tea Tree  Oil

Essential oils have become very popular in the past few years, mainly because they provide a working and natural solution to different types of health issues.  When it comes to oily skin, there’s none better than tea tree oil.

You might be wondering “Why should oil work on oily skin?”.  Well, tea tree oil not only have, anti bacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties.  It also helps dissolve and wipe out grease.  You can also use it to treat accompanying episodes of acne.

6.  Use Specialized Skin Products

One of the perks of living in this day and age is that you have many great specialized products to get rid of oily face at your disposal.

Not only you will find shaving creams, lotions and moisturizers for men with oily skin. You can also find oil control products that don’t leave you with nasty side effects.

You can also try over the counter alternatives such as benzoyl peroxide and similar products, but they are known to produce once in a while cases of severe dry skin.

Extra Steps to Take Care of Your Skin

As you might imagine, suffering from oily skin is not the end of the World, especially with the amount of help available these days. It is important that we don’t rely heavily on products to get rid of oily face, sometimes the biggest changes come from a change in our lifestyle, such as reduced stress and an adjustment in your diet.